Friday, December 11, 2009

Facebook + Paypal Wishlist

I just can't believe it but that was a fact that you can make money by creating simple (point and click) application on your facebook account, promote it easily then you get the payment(up to $100).

Free money from facebook called PayPal Whistlist.

In colaboration with Facebook, Paypal has launch their giveaway program called Paypal Wishlist. This

program mean you act as an agent to promote some stuff that you like and wish to get. All contributor

are invited to promote this Paypal Whistlist program, with the reward is based on CPA program (Pay

Per Lead Program), $1 per referral, up to $100 max limit
Click the Logo

for those living in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore.

Why? I don't know. You can try proxy!!


  1. ASLKM,slm ziarah.Nak tahu info misteri,pelik tapi benar,silalah ke blog ini ,n jgn lupe linkkan blog ini,ok thnks

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