Monday, August 16, 2010

Skill for internet and information technology manipulation

Skill for internet and information technology manipulation
  1. Skilled in the use of the term information and communication technology
  2. Skilled in the practice environment in an efficient computer workstation
  3. Skilled in managing the electronic files
  4. Excellence in Internet use
  5. Using a technique very effective when doing electronic research
  6. Skilled produce documents with features mail merge using a word processor
  7. Skilled use features form, function categories, formulas, database features, Sorting and autofilter in spreadsheet software.
  8. Skilled produce tables, queries, forms, and reports using database software.
  9. Skilled in the production of documents berfitur slide show transition, custom animation, hyperlinks, and insert movie, sound, chart, picture, etc.
  10. Last but not least computer it self that are you using now

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