Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Table 'ad_daily_2011_01_19' already exists

Nuffnang error on advertistment
Table 'ad_daily_2011_01_19' already exists

some of my blog serving nuffnang advertistment until recently i encounter the above error "Table 'ad_daily_2011_01_19' already exists"

the problem still investigation

Table 'ad_daily_2011_01_19' already exists

after checking all ads format, i assume that all are infected the same problem.

I was checking nuffnang website and found nothing about this problem, but when i checking their blog state that
Site Maintenance – 17th January 2011 [Updated - Postponed]
Dear Nuffnangers,

Update: Due to unforseen complications, we have postponed this maintenance until further notice. Thank you.

We will be carrying out a reconfiguration to our web server at 1am, 17 January 2011. The ETA for this downtime is 3 hours.

During this time Nuffnang related services will not be available and your ads will not show.

Thank you for your understanding.

Today (19 january) error could be effect by maintenance on 17 january.
..still waiting from nuffnang official respond


  1. me had same probelm with u ..think the nuff ad was erro loh ... buat rect banner was fine..the problm is my skycrap ...

  2. waiting explanation from nuffnang official
    thanks uncle.